The mindset of second language teachers

The lecture today was about second language teacher education. Sometimes, you will find that the theories in this field are kind of abstract but also essential to your teaching practices in the future.

The most impressive theory is about the problem of mindset of some language teachers. That is, although these teachers may have already received training programmes about the new teaching methods, such as the communicative teaching method, which might be a popular one nowadays, they may still persist on the traditional teaching methods. This could bring no good to students, especially when the learners have to improve their language proficiency. This is particularly the case for students who have the need to obtain communicative skills. In this case, it would be necessary for teachers to change their traditional teaching methods and also do self-reflection of their work. Apart from this, the colleagues of these teachers can also play a role in evaluating the teaching work in classroom. By doing this, the negative influence of the mindset in teaching would be lessened gradually.

To sum up, the second language teacher education is a course of great value.


The Gym Time

It seems that more and more young people choose to go to the gym to have a good exercise, especially when they are put on more pressure from the schoolwork. Buying a gym card in the early August last year, I had only gone there no more than five times. One of the reasons may be that I could not plan my time schedule very well, and the time available to the sporting place would be spent on some unimportant stuff. Not until having a cold within a month  for two times that I have decided to do running in the gym regularly.

However, some of my other friends still lead a sedentary life style. Usually, they would like to stay in front of the computer screen all day long without moving. Even worse, they just cannot stop eating the junk food, which will be really harmful to their health in a long term. After that, I could always find them rushing to weigh their weight in order to check whether they have put on weight or not. It really confuses me a lot.

All I suggest is that it could be a wise choice if they could have a healthy diet and spend more time in the gym.